Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I started playing guitar again shortly after I got back from St. Catharines. God, I missed it. It had been nearly 6 years since I'd picked it up, but I'll never make that mistake again. It's me and the old six-string for good this time. Here's a little sample that I did a couple weeks ago. I pretty much just winged it:

I did something especially for Halloween yesterday. I tried to make my Yamaha sound spooky and ominous and then my Mexican Strat sound frantic and heart-racing. See for yourself and tell me if I succeeded. I made a few mistakes and rushed a couple of notes, but fuck it, it was mainly improvisation for a fun time of year, anyway. Plus, all that clothing was getting way too hot to do all that over again. Concentration makes me warm up a lot:

The costume you see me wearing there is called The Prophet of Darkness. I wore it to an insane Halloween/Birthday party in Norval on Friday. They reserved a school bus that went from Union Station to the City Centre in Brampton, picked up about 20 more people there and then went to the final destination, which was St. Paul's Cathedral - a tiny little church. Its basement/communal area was reserved for the party (bar and all). About 200 people showed up. My close friend, Chris (Darth Vader that night), kept thanking me profusely for making him come along. The chicks were half naked. I LOVE that - surprise, surprise. It's my favourite aspect of this time of year. I made out with three hot chicks, and danced quite a bit with two of them. GLORIOUS!! Unfortunately, they live in Brampton; too far for me. :(

I enjoy Halloween more and more every year. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed yours.

Ciao for now.

- The Ray

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