Friday, November 11, 2016

Well, at least we'll have four years of hilarious SNL skits

It’s frightening, yet so fascinating at the same time. The Democratic Party fucked up so badly. They really are a loser party, which had a loser candidate this time round. Americans want radical change (Obama’s undelivered promise, which he ran on in 2008), and it seems about half of the populace will take it where they can get it. That’s why Bernie Sanders would have destroyed Trump without mercy; it would have been a massacre. He offered so much wonderful anti-establishment change to Americans, a great revolution in American politics and economics. The people are furious and fed up with the establishment! Clinton was an establishment candidate, who, on top of everything else, signed her husband’s stupid NAFTA bill, which sent so many American jobs to Mexico. This electoral “triumph” was the revenge of the working class. Trump is their last-ditch-resort fire-bomb of anarchy, wishful thinking and a desperate dream of revolution. It’s so sad, dark and perverse, like hiring The Joker to dish out justice and make things right. You can only squeeze a people for so long before they finally explode and revolt. In a democracy, they do that with their right to vote. In England, it was Brexit. In America, Trump. Well, Americans are finally gonna get change all right—a whole shit-storm of it, right up the goddamn yingyang—for the new king of the world for the next 4 (maybe 8) years is an orange-coloured, reality-TV Bozo the freakin’ Clown! Bravo, Uncle Sam, bravo!