Sunday, May 3, 2009

Victory Grimoire

The dead stagger back to their graves, their work is now complete,
As the vampires rush to their tombs, in gloom and in defeat.
The agonal has been lifted into the soothing, black sky as the owls hoot the paean,
The echoes reverberate off the chill, the harbinger has now been seen.
The once shining princess stares out with awe and pallor, shaking with every breath,
Life has died, peace has fallen, and now glory is known as death.

The rightly converted lycanthropes gaze afar from the branches of the willows, knowing they’ll never be alone,
As the just saints of Hades, canonized by Lucifer, in proud vehement take their thrown.

The passionate doom of the delusional, godly martyrs is much appreciated and in vain,
The inevitable, carnal roar of earth’s victory is felt across the poles, the retrocedent holiness slain.

The black unicorns raise their heads in honour of the darkness through its victory,
As the lagoon of ghouls and lusting spirits celebrate their ministry.


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