Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thunder, My Dear

Thunder, my dear, roar with me tonight;
Roar with me every night.
Wherever you are I wish to be,
For you enhance the warmth within me.
My heart is aching for so much which I am ready to give,
So full am I and you,
Let us roar together, devour together, conquer together.
At this moment you are everything to me as you mercilessly devour all other sounds;
Your rumbling and quaking are my core and demands!
Never have I been so willing to embrace you, O harbinger of the rain.

As blood drips from my eyes, teeth and heart I want so abundantly to be where you are and within warmth,
And if you are not there awaiting me, I know there cannot be warmth!
I picture myself streaming to you with open arms towards long lost water under a precious night sky, as you beckon me, and tears of joy rush down my face,
For I know we are one life and longing, and that you could never reject me, for our kind cannot exist without each other.

It is within nights like these that my future is most obviously affirmed and undeniable.
I encourage the frivolous goblins embedded within the night grass to make their sounds, for they are necessary and true,
And may you, my dear, with your shouts and declarations only empower and invigorate them as you do I!
Yes, tremble and shriek, my darling!
Let nothing stand in our way!
For you echo my calling and strength, my might and my will.
Yes, shake this fragile earth and be my harbinger forever.
There are no secrets between us,
And show my pride in having no ounce for secrecy,
For all I have must bloom and bloom loudly,
Which is why you are music to my ears,
And can only adore you, and thank you for my life.

So roar, Thunder, my dear, my companion and mockery in the face of loneliness,
As nothing can hold us back.
As the green life demand and declare their existence and future,
So do I have a right to . . . so do we.


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