Monday, August 24, 2009

Man and His Mortality

Sometimes I think “Mother Nature” went too far when she created a creature that can comprehend its own mortality. Madness has reigned upon the earth ever since. Man. Homosapien sapien. He was put on this earth and wants to know why. Demands to know why! And this demand is inexorable. This demand is nonnegotiable. But the thought and horror of ever ending for good...well, this is simply unacceptable. “Me? Expire?” Man asks himself baffled and incredulous. “But how can that be? I’m far too important! I mean...this is I we are talking about! I’m too special and spectacular to ever simply...end! People just don’t know it. The world...go on without me? ME, for god sakes?! Pah! Such impudence!” But it wasn’t enough that man should delude himself with the idea of immortality. He had to make himself into something of remarkable importance. So he made himself a sight for the gods. But first he had to invent them.

Thereafter, supercilious irrationality and unreason swept the earth like a predestined, unthinking, unrelenting odium with only one purpose: to fulfill the masochistic need(s) of the human race. War, petty feuds, petty bitterness, petty resentment, trifles, intolerance, religion, rape-morality, scandal, lies, marriage, gossip, self-denial, self-laceration, consumerism, trivial controversy, garbage-news, and soap operas! O, how pitifully this pathetic, feeble-minded creature deals with the absurdity of its existence! Man has to show man who’s boss while getting his base entertainment fix. “All others must be brought down below me, for I alone must be deemed great!” Thus man enviously, insecurely, and moronically declares to himself. He sees himself above the rabble. Yet he runs with them, agrees with them, yearns with them – is them. He craves the same petty, mind-numbing entertainment of unneeded wants and idiotic travesty-outrages. Anything to keep him feeling alive and occupied. O, how man runs with all his might away from the vacuum known as his unconscious mind and the main awareness-of (topic) which dominates it: death. His impending doom. All his “needs” and time-wastes are him panting and sweating as he runs in the other direction; for this vacuum sucks at him hard, nonstop and effortlessly. Since his beginning. Day in and day out.

But, I wish the best for mankind. Truly. I hope that one day it rids itself of its silly, self-made, “protective” shells of stupidity. For each of our lives are so short – and this must be embraced – and it is only right that we affirm them with truth and joy. There is no need for man to constantly attack, torment, waste and ravage himself and his fellow beings. This is not what life is for. But as long as the mob’s masochism prevails, we shall never be all that we can be. Is this perhaps a process of our evolution? Could be, but I fear that we may completely destroy ourselves before “nature” opens all of our eyes. Man seems to have much more losing to do before he finally learns how to facing his fears.

"Oh this insane, pathetic beast - man! What ideas he has, what unnaturalness, what paroxysms of nonsense, what bestiality of thought erupts as soon as he is prevented just a little from being a beast in deed! [...] Here is sickness, beyond any doubt, the most terrible sickness that has ever raged in man; and whoever can still bear to hear (but today one no longer has ears for this!) how in this night of torment and absurdity there has resounded the cry of love, the cry of the most nostalgic rapture, of redemption through love, will turn away, seized by invincible horror. - There is so much in man that is hideous! - Too long, the earth has been a madhouse! -" - Friedrich Nietzsche; On the Genealogy of Morals

January 2, 2007

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