Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy 30 to Me! :)

I bury my youth today. I've earned every right to bury it. And although I say goodbye to my youth as I place a red rose on its tomb, it is not dead, no, it lives on, for its fire stays with me. My 20s may have started off rocky, but they ended with a bang: graduating from college at 22, living in Dubai for 7 months when I was 23, losing my religion, and, hence, being emancipated, shortly after coming back, getting a four-year Honours BA in only three-years time, finishing on the Sessional Academic Achievement List, learning the art of seduction (something I'm ALWAYS working on improving, as I love women with all my heart and soul), meeting a lot of great people, making tons of new friends, losing some, going to Cuba on my own 2 days after my 29th Birthday, finishing my book back in November (now to try and get it published), meeting a hot Colombian nurse on Plenty of Fish, whom I've been nailing on and off since March, going to Hawaii for 10 days this passed May (as I was asked to speak at the Tenth East-West Philosophers' Conference, held every 5 years - a trip that, for the most part, was covered by my university, as I was representing it), working as a TA from September to April ( a fabulous experience), finishing my Master's Degree in Eastern and Continental Philosophy (with an A average) in the very lovely St. Catharines (where it's been a joy and privilege to live in, where the air is Niagara-fresh and the girls go absolutely wild come Friday and Saturday night), etc., etc.

Hawaii is, indeed, paradise, and is a place that I had been wanting to go to for as long as I can remember. The night life is amazing. The clubs stay open till 4. People are so incredibly friendly, too, because, well, what reason do they have to be grouchy? Honolulu will always live in my heart, along with its beautiful University of Hawaii at Manoa campus that I was allowed to stay at, the lovely, sweet Lovi (pronounced lo-vee), whom I danced and made out with all night at Ocean Night Club, and, of course, the breathtaking, stunning, sweet and petite B (that's what we'll call her) - a beautiful 29-year-old Korean woman from the States, who didn't look a day over 19 - in the second year of her PhD, also there for the conference, and whom I spent much time with in her dorm room. :)

Things have become a lot easier for me now when it comes to getting attractive women. They've become so much more of a pleasure than a frustration. I seem to be getting refined with age. Plus, the older women get, the more they can appreciate a handsome, intelligent, charming man, so I definitely look forward to my new age group (not that I'm going to leave the college girls behind, of course! No, no! Not for a LONG time to come). I recommend two books to all struggling guys out there: The Game and The Rules of the Game. I suggest reading the latter before the former, and shame on me for waiting over two years to read it after reading The Game, which changed my life for good, for better and forever. As for Hawaii, it was the perfect final trip of my 20s, and my presentation, which was a comparative essay on Merleau-Ponty and Nagarjuna, went very well. I got good questions, and answered them all thoroughly and enthusiastically. I still hate Merleau-Ponty, though, but not nearly as much as I hate Husserl. Nietzsche is still my fouvourite, and he's the reason I am where I am in my life right now. My MA's Major Research Project was/is entitled, "Friedrich Nietzsche and the Contingencies of Christianity." Quite quaint, I think. :)

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