Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year, Friends but not Foes, the Real but not the Fake

Happy New Year, one and all, from Tokyo, the greatest city in the world! I wish you all the best year of your lives. Let's make it count by being good to each other, being authentic human beings who say what they mean and mean what they say, who don't go back on their word, who want to contribute and inspire others rather than hinder and sap them of their vitality, ambition and strength. Let's cultivate ourselves like never before by doing the things we love and by spending joyous times with the people we cherish. And as for those who wish to stand in the way of our joy and self-realization, let us vanquish them into the oblivion of our past, never to be allowed to intrude on us, our life-journey, our "destiny" and our peace of mind ever again, and thenceforth, in that expiration of theirs within our lives, allowing us to be truly free. As for all my friends - my real friends, my true friends, my friends of the heart - you know who you are - I hope to continue to see and hear more from you throughout this New Year and many more to follow. Let's build each other up, baby. Let's create a bulwark of happiness and fulfillment that no enemy could ever knock down. I never forget anyone who's ever helped or supported me or nurtured my life goals and desires, those who have given me encouragement and have even come along for the ride. But I would rather forget all the rest - the petty, parasitical ones - altogether. To the New Year, comrades and friends! To hell with the past and psychic vampires of all stripes! Fuck the fakes. Let us ascend like never before! Up and away . . . up and away!

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