Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book Release!

I have released a book!  It's a Rabelaisian story that's sole purpose is to make you laugh so hard that you either piss your pants or blow your load. It is entitled, Incorrigibility, and it’s a novella (a short novel) that goes under the category (if there were such a category) of bawdy, irreverent humour. I’m going to tell you right off the bat, however, as it’s the least I can do, that, no joke, this thing is rude, crude and lewd from beginning to end. It is both prurient and puerile, just the way I like my entertainment.

A lot of it is guys talking the way they do when women aren't around, or saying what they often have on their minds, but are too bashful, due to the politically correct status quo, to actually speak. As you may have guessed, it is also a tad bit existential and critical of religion as well, and does have its serious and sappy (yet genuine) moments, given it is character driven.  For the most part, however, it is a quirky relationship/sex comedy, where the boundaries of the mundane are mocked, bent, ridiculed, pushed, pummeled, pulverized, pounded, picked on and provoked. It also carries within it the most riotous courtroom trial you'll ever encounter!  It's a very surreal, theatrical book, and hey, look at it this way:  it’s pretty short, so if it turns out to be a complete waste of your time, it won’t have been that much of a waste of your time. Know what I mean, jelly bean?

You can get the paperback for 15% off, or, if you want to save on shipping, it is available to you in eBook form as well:  http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Rayme

Enjoy!  It's good for a chuckle and a surreal escape.

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