Monday, March 9, 2009

5 of Heart

In January 2005, when I was living in Dubai, I was deeply infatuated with a worldly 23-year-old Lebanese woman (my age at the time), and I wrote her these five little poems that I’d send her via text messaging. I just couldn't resist.


A dream of you like risen rainbows,

A dream of you like fallen suns,

A dream of you as soft as petals,

I dream of you and all is one.


A blessed desert that begat flowers,

A lucky dolphin which graced the sky,

The luck of all as to reach the rose in you,

No luck compares to getting close to you.


The sky did break and rain did follow,

I looked around and all was hollow,

Your face appeared and took away my sorrow,

Without you there’s no tomorrow.


A buried treasure, a pot of gold,

How can one measure the infatuation I hold?

Finding a fortune that can never be sold,

To be with you is a pleasure untold.


Make you quiver, be still my heart,

Take you away, may we never do part,

Take my hand, and fly with me,

Together as one, across a love soaked sea.

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