Thursday, March 12, 2009

Haunting Name in Drops of Rain

I hear her name within the rain...
As it pitter-patters on the outdoor floor.
I feel through grain her eyes have lane...
In the longing of my pores.

My mind flits through the clouds
To escape and hide from the unflagging sounds,
But the rain pulls me back to consternation with a jolt,
Her viciously angelic name overtakes me behind a lightning bolt.

Oh, what do I do with this mind
That creates these painful heart-dramas and then to hide?
But is it my fault she’s so coldly stunning in every way?
It is upon fate’s ruthless order, this dismay.

Drip, O insatiable rain, keep pounding upon my heart!
There’s nothing I can ever say to ease or appease you from the start.
You’ll always dance in your puddles, again and again it will be the same,
You’ll always be back to haunt me - again with such a name.


The term "lane" in the first stanza is the Scottish use of it as an adjective, meaning "alone," as with the idiom, "By one's lane."

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