Thursday, March 12, 2009

Silhouette of Passion

Silhouette across my face,
Silhouette of all your grace,
Silhouette upon this place,
Silhouette without a trace.

Warm my heart; come back again,
A despondent soul like mine.
How jubilant to again smooth your cheek,
To bask within your shine.

Your precious presence all around me,
Heaven breathes our bodies entwined.
A fire that burns like my heart itself,
A glimpse of amorous times.

I want to feel your body sweat,
As I reveal what you mean to me,
Yearning to absorb every drop,
Our flesh becomes a sea.

Writhing one last cosmic moan,
Falling to thudding hearts.
Breathing in each other’s sublime gaze,
Pure amatory parts.

Silhouette within my eyes,
Fervent angel staring deep,
You see our undivided soul,
Let us never go to sleep.


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