Saturday, March 14, 2009

Godless Under a Godless Sky

Thick, warm sheet high above my head,
Endless, whole, and invoking me.
The moon almost full – my only holy leader,
The first summer of my freedom.

Me, myself, and I,
Godless under a godless sky,
A true romance, my final stance,
The nightmare is over, my soul is sober,
Intoxicated with my being's chance,
Life and I shall have our dance.

Behold my mighty immunity;
To tenets, tricks, and hypocrisy,
No hoary eye with its tyrannous stare,
Burning me, torturing me, leaving me bare.

So beautiful this white-black-blue bed it is,
The moon its only sign.
Acknowledging and affirming what this life it is,
A trail of fire I leave behind.
No specters left to encramp my entrails, and turn them into my noose;
Now the specters are my slaves - toys I rightfully abuse.

Do you madly love life? Inexorably fervid for it as me?
Hold fast to the fathomable, believe your will, and know that you’ll be free.
Tell me heartily, are you like I?
Godless under a godless sky?
Then show it what you have,
Its time for the long embrace.
Break loose the fetters once and for all!
The clock says “Yes! Do! Know! Enjoy! It’s time to have our ball!”

Twilight rains its swarms of stardust,
Dare to cup your hands,
Splash it all upon your face,
Let it seep through your eyes and mind,
Then you’ll know what man has done,
And for once you’ll dance alive.

Are you like me?
Godless under a godless sky?
Are you like me?
Godless until the day you die?


"The concept of 'God' was until now the greatest objection to existence. We deny God, we deny the responsibility that originates from God: and thereby we redeem the world." - Nietzsche; Twilight of the Idols; The Four Great Errors; 8

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