Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Time of Freedom

Here's another one from my archive. In it, I speak of a time which I will always long for. A time which was so heartlessly, cruelly and viciously stolen from the human race by craftily vengeful, world-weary calumniators of the earth and slanderers of the body, of life, liberty, pleasure and sexuality: anemic vampires completely degenerate in instinct and retarded in spirituality. I shall NEVER forgive them for it! For what has been done is UNFORGIVABLE! A CURSE on them and their descendants; they are the true imprecation of the human race! However, here I glorify the antithesis of such parasites. Here I glorify the protagonists of that time and majestic era...of that superbly rich world so ignorantly and impudently - left behind.

The Time of Freedom

Look at the pagans of antiquity,
See them enchanted as they dance,
Circling the cosmic bonfire,
In a surreally blissful trance.

Knowing their time is here and now,
Wanting only to enjoy this gift of life,
They need no dogma to show them how,
There is not sin to blame for strife.

Behold the human animal in its purest form!
It is only through the earth and its offerings in which they are born.
They whole-heartedly mock the Stoics; those ascetic masochists,
These not infested with repressive delusions, and so they live rapturous.

Consciences clear as they soar through delights,
Fervid laughter, lust, passions, senses – living every day.
Enjoy it while it lasts, dear forbears…
For the Lamb is on his way.

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